God,​ where are you in all this?

Updated: Mar 26

Sometimes, we go through life moving, living, trying to stay afloat, the hustle and the bustle, you know, life! But then all of a sudden our lives or interrupted by things that are simply out of our control. You know those things you just can't control like you use to doing? Making the next major decision, signing that deal, you know jotting down those ideas for your next move, socializing etc. Hey, love to do all these things and some! But I actually found myself wanting more fulfillment that a lot of these things we do (nothing is wrong with bettering yourself etc.) simply cannot gratify! Then I realize how much of life I was really missing! The things that we complain about, such as, I need rest, this is to much, I'm being stretched, my kids not listening, my house needs some extra attention, my marriage is failing etc. Whether you believe in God or not, he speaks in ways and through circumstances and I truly believe he has answered a lot of prayers lol, maybe not the way you would like him to answer but he answered! Now during this epidemic, you can spend time with your children, work on that marriage, clean that dirty house, catch up on some much needed rest, pray a little more etc. We are all on an even plane! I just wanna take this time to say be encouraged! Don't worry! We will come out on the other side of this Victorious! God loves all of us, so much so he sent his Son Jesus to die for you and me! Breathe! God is in complete control!

If you have been encouraged, or this has helped you in anyway! Please share this blog, we need hope in difficult times! #hope #fearnot #dontworry #Godisincontrol #family #love #life #newblog #christistheanswer

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