I need moisture!

Hey ladies how you're holding up? How is your hair holding up? I wanted to write a little bit on dry hair. Seeing we haven't been in the salon it is very important as to what you are using to maintain the overall integrity of your hair. Most shampoos we purchase at your local drug store or Walmart etc..will more than likely have a high content of alcohol, thus if you use it regularly it can take alot of the moisture out of the hair causing dryness. When hair is dry, its brittle and will break. How do we prevent this from happening? Glad you asked! We must put into the hair what the hair needs in order to maintain the moisture, elasticity, and strength! Hydration and moisture! If your hair has a build up of product in it such as grease, hard gel, spritz etc, there is a need for a cleansing shampoo! In order to maintain moisture and avoid over drying your hair out, this only comes from quality products with the correct ingredients for your hair! The products that I use on your hair at the salon is available! We should be on the same page with your hair regimen at home just as it is in the salon! I take major pride in how I take care of my clients hair! You will not find this exclusive line in no Beauty Supply! Click on the shop tab on my website and packages are together according to your needs! Below you see the products that was used on this hair. If you haven't booked your appointment, click book now and reserve your slot, Salon return is May 1,2020.

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