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Salon Policies



Please take the time to read the salon policies so that you will have a clear understanding of how to effectively book your appointment.


Please complete the signature box once you have read all of the policies. Once you have completed this form, the salon owner will be notified immediately. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the salon directly.



Please park anywhere on the lower level in any of the available slots. Please CALL the salon if you need assistance. 


Vip Salon Entry:

All clients must ask to see Ashley Mone't, state their desired location, and present a state Identification card to the front concierge in order to enter the building.


Salon Guests: 

We ask that you do NOT bring a guest to the salon. Seating is for clients only. Because Chic Hair of Houston is a VIP salon, guest are NOT allowed to sit downstairs in the lobby either. 



All new appointments must be booked online. If you need assistance please contact the salon.


call: 281-704-7356



Preferably cash payments

Checks Not accepted

Debit credit cards accepted with +$3 convenience charge

Amex + $5 convenience charge

Cash App Code: $samanthastylez0

Late Clients: 

If you know that you will be arriving at a later time please call the salon.

After 15 minutes, there will be a $15 late fee applied to your balance. After 30 minutes, if approved, your appointment must be rescheduled at a  later date and time.  


No Call No Show Clients: No New Appointment 



All appointments must be canceled or rescheduled within  72 hours prior to your original scheduled appointment



Refunds nor credits for any services will be rendered. 



No children are allowed in salon unless being serviced on  Kid promo days ONLY.

If you have any questions, please contact the salon

Submit before booking!

Please click below if you have read the salon policies.

Thanks for submitting!

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