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Hello  Ladies! 


Many have described my style as innovative, creative, artistic, and fun. Born and raised in the southside of Houston, I have always had a passion for hair and everything beauty. After finishing Cosmetology school, I immediately pushed to advance my career and my craft forward by taking continuing education classes. I have also consistently sought to meet with different stylists in the industry to learn from them and exchange creative ideas that help me improve as an artist. I understand that my client's experience in my chair is more than just another hair appointment because I strive daily to make each client's experience one to remember. I don't just style my clients' hair, I slay their hair and makeup and build lasting relationships as a stylist and friend.

I believe that this industry is about constant growth and development, and education is always at the forefront of my mind. Teaching and instructing comes easy to me because I desire to help future students reach their goals and full potential. I strive to teach current and future stylists excellent color and styling skills that will fill them with the confidence and knowledge they need to be the absolute best in this beauty industry. Currently, I offer classes in Cut and Color, and I provide one-on-one Coaching.


Schedule your appointment with Samantha Stylez, and come receive the very best hair experience as I pamper you with great service, fun, friendship, and an overall wonderful stylistic experience.

Meet Samantha

Sam was awesome!!!! Today was my first visit of MANY more to come... My hair was really in need of some tender love and care, and Samantha did a fabulous job!!! Definitely my NEW HTX Hairstylist & Colorist !!!!!!!"

Chanell L.

HAIR + makeup

Hair Care Packages

We are passionate about maintaining the health and overall integrity of your natural hair, and these packages are all about providing your hair with the treatments it needs. 

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45 minutes (weekly)

This package is for ladies who love a fresh style each week and want to maintain the glory of their hair. Includes a weekly shampoo and style (up to 4), 1 relaxer (if requested), and 1 conditioning or protein treatment, whichever is needed. 


All additional services, including colors, cuts, or other treatments, are seperate. This service must be booked by the first of each month.


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90 minutes

This package is for three (3) visits, and includes the following services:

  • An ingredient-rich Steam Treatment that penetrates to the hair's deepest layers.

  • A Conditioning Treatment that leaves the hair soft, shiny, and manageable. 

  • A Trim that will remove all split, dead, or uneven ends for an overall healthy look. 

  • A Silk Press that will leave your natural hair silky and flowing.

  • Protein Treatment that strengthens the cuticle and maintains the integrity of your hair. 

  • Complimentary Intense Fortifying Scalp Massage that increases cellular turnover for healthier hair growth.

  • Complimentary Mocha Souffle Treatment with added protein and moisture to seal the hair and keep it strong and luminous.


You can make a one-time payment each month or three monthly payments. For monthly payments, a 60% payment is required to start and two remaining payments.


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Custom Color & Touch-Ups

90 Minutes

Get the color of your dreams with the style to match. 


105 Minutes

Custom color applied primarily to the mid-shaft down to the ends of the hair and giving your color a nice blended effect.


105 Minutes

Custom blondes require maintenance and treatments for the overall integrity of the hair, and Samantha will coach you on how to maintain your color and keep your hair healthy. Includes a thorough consultation to see if you are a candidate for this color. Samantha is serious about ensuring your hair is healthy and that it stays that way.


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30 Minutes

A refresher to enhance previously-colored hair and give your hair the pop of shine it needs.


Demi-Permanent Color

This color treatment is excellent for gray coverage or for creating custom colors that fit your style. This is also great for maintaining the overall integrity of the hair.


75 Minutes

If you want color throughout your hair but don't want to color all of your hair, then this is the choice for you!


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Hair Extensions & Weaves

65 Minutes

Add a little extra length to your hair with commercial hair extensions. These extensions are applied with glue and will last up to two weeks with proper care. 


150 Minutes

Full weave install that includes a cut and style of your choice.


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60 Minutes

This option is for ladies who want extensions but don't want a sew-in or added hair with glue. Everyone is taking advantage of this low-stress method; it's easy, simple, and convenient!


45 Minutes

Commercial hair extension added on a protective cap.


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Conditioning Treatments

120 Minutes | For Natural Hair

Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System (STS) is one of the safest and most effective thermal reconditioning treatments that lasts for up to 12 weeks. The treatment is designed to transform frizzy, naturally curly, multi-textured, transitioning, and chemically-treated hair to create stronger, healthier, and more manageable hair. 


Who should use this system? Clients who are natural and wish to have more manageable hair, who are transitioning to natural hair from a relaxer, who have color-treated hair, or who have dry, damaged hair.   


15 Minutes

This treatment is a must if you want your hair to stay vibrant, strong, and moisturized. ​


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15 Minutes

Oooh Wee! Your hair will love you for this one! If you are experiencing dry, brittle, or weak hair from color or chemical processes, then this is the treatment for you! The Mocha Souffle Mask will moisturize each strand and lock in moisture from the inside out, replenishing all necessary moisture and leaving the hair vibrant, healthy, and shiny!


15 minutes

After a relaxer, your hair needs to be strengthened from the inside out. Replenish your hair and restore all the glory that was removed during the chemical straightening process.


Add this service to any relaxer appointment.


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Styles & Relaxers

90 minutes

A Silk Press that will leave your relaxed hair silky and flowing! 


60 Minutes

A gentle relaxer using a chemical straightening process that maintains the strength, moisture, and overall health of the hair.  Includes a deep conditioner and style!


120 minutes

Wanting a change? Short hair is one of the best styles a woman can wear! It says jazzy, young, powerful, strong, and beautiful! A short cut never goes out of style! 


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75 minutes

A shampoo experience of a lifetime accompanied with conditioner for silky, soft hair.


45 Minutes

Keep it Hollywood with a curly and funky look achieved using curl rods!


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Brows & Lashes 

15 minutes

These lashes are Natural-looking! No thick, butterfly lashes here! With proper care, these lashes will last for over two weeks. Just a 20-minute application!


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120 minutes

Gentle application of eyelash extensions that are applied one hair at a time. These lashes are a great way to enhance your look and add beauty and drama to the eye! 


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15 Minutes

Tailored eyebrow shaping to enhance your beauty.


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2 hours                                                                                                                         $500+

The one thing you can get into shape without exercising! Allow me to give you the perfect brows for your face! Only retouch once a year, microblading is the beauty essential every lady deires! Click the book now button below!               


Lakelsha S.

"A wonderful stylist! She knows exactly how to care for Healthy Hair, and she trims hair, NOT CUT it lol! I've had some scares, but you won't go wrong with Samantha. She found me in Walgreens looking a mess and helped me; I will continue to go to her."

Veronica S.

"I booked an appointment for a quick rinse and trim. I don't trust many with scissors near my hair, but Samantha did an excellent job! She was very knowledgeable and professional.

I will be back!"

Amber A.

"I love Samantha Turner! Definitely book your next appointment here! Samantha is very professional, and her work is excellent. Not only is your hair flawless, but she gets you in and out. Definitely check her out!"



Short Hair 101

[Cosmetology Student]

This class focuses on the style fundamentals of cutting and styling short hair. This is a one-day training session formatted for groups and includes hands-on training in an intimate setting. Samantha has structured this class to promote personal growth and positivity.


This class is perfect for students who are  seeking a cosmetology license and want to learn additional skills before graduating.

Short Hair 101

[Licensed Cosmetologist]

This class focuses on the style fundamentals of cutting and styling short hair. This is a one-day training session formatted for groups and includes hands-on training in an intimate setting. Samantha has structured this class to promote personal growth and positivity.


This class is perfect for licensed professional stylists who are seeking to diversify their skills and perfect their craft. 

The Stylez Session

[Private Class]

Samantha offers a 3-hour one-on-one training session specially-designed for  stylists who desire a more intimate instruction and tutorial. This is a hands-on session where you can style your own model or watch and learn with Samantha as she guides you through the cutting and styling process on a Samantha Stylez model.







She's fast, and that counts for so much. I loved my hair.

Christina B.


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